Photostitching hell! lol

So recently I went to Watchtower to drop off an order of photography and decided i wanted an entire view photograph of the ceiling inside. I took like 70 photos of the ceiling during the busy part of the day which was a bit silly to be honest! I sat on the floor and positioned my camera above me and stayed very stoically for a good 25 minutes waiting for people to pass through and out of my lens for each shot. It was intense.

The photo i sell currently at Watchtower looks like this:

The photo I am stitching together is a little bit wider of a view…

06-22-2013 048 copy small

I stopped working on it for a bit because I think I need to go back and take the photos again, this time with no one in the Watchtower so I wont have to blend my lines together, that’s so much work!


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