Salt Creek Recreation Area

I drove to Salt Creek tonight thinking i was going to get photos of pool tides. That might have to wait. Turns out I cannot carry a huge flashlight, a heavy tri-pod, and a camera while climbing over rocks lol I mean a simple back pack probably would have helped, but after seeing ice on…

Madison Falls – Olympic National Park

Tonight I rode down to Madison Falls in Olympic National Park to get pics of it a bit frozen. Maybe one of these days I’ll brave it in the snow too 🙂

Favorite Sunsets.

I’ve seen some great sunsets in my lifetime so far. Usually because i set myself up to see them. I used to actually chase sunsets when I lived in Indiana and Florida. When i lived in the Grand Canyon it was a bit harder to jump in your vehicle and race toward the sunset due…

Forks Washington Home for Sale

I traveled to Forks Washington the day before Thanksgiving this year and took photographs for a real estate firm out of Seattle for their listing. Gorgeous house, I hope I did it some justice.