Favorite Sunsets.

I’ve seen some great sunsets in my lifetime so far. Usually because i set myself up to see them. I used to actually chase sunsets when I lived in Indiana and Florida. When i lived in the Grand Canyon it was a bit harder to jump in your vehicle and race toward the sunset due to the traffic, speed limits, and how the roads are set up. I hope to be chasing sunsets again here in Washington State soon, as soon as i stop working during every sunset lol

Here are a few of my favorite sunsets over the years.

That one time off a highway in Arizona I had a dead camera battery and had to use my friend Ricardos camera without the use of my tripod. Placing the camera on the roof of the car and trying to get a panoramic shot was slightly difficult. ๐Ÿ˜€somewhere in arizona

That one time I strategically bought plane tickets and made myself have the window seat both flights so i could get sunset shots much to the annoyance of my boyfriend who couldn’t figure out why he was stuck in the middle each flight lol This was one Tom and I witnessed leaving Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on our way to Indiana to visit my folks.07-15-2013 260a

That one time Isabella and I drove to Cameron so she could experience Navajo Tacos and right when we pulled into town there was a beautiful sunset occurring so we drove past the bridge and walked up the hill to experience it. Literally the best sunset I’ve seen maybe to date.Panorama 1www

That one time I was coming back from taking photos for my brothers real estate company in Louisville and literally witnessed the best Kentucky sunset I had ever seen and had to make due with where I was at.1 co8py

That one time I was on the rim of the Grand Canyon and some crazy orange streaky cloud effect happened at sunset. That same orange freaky sky thing ended up turning pink as I waited through it. Crazy Beautiful.

Photo #810-07-2010 008 copyPhoto #6410-07-2010 064rsPanoramicPanorama 2c

That one time I was heading to the general store in the Grand Canyon to get food for dinner and randomly decided to pass up the turn and take some pics on Christmas Eve along the rim. After getting stuck in ice at every stop sign it ended up being worth it when the sun starting setting.

picture 022a

That one time it started raining on a solo roadtrip in Canada and I ducked under a tree so I wouldn’t get wet. The sun went down and the foggy misty glow from the lanterns lit up all at once. It was a beautiful moment.

Canada 2006

More to come after I get home from work tonight ๐Ÿ˜€


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