Ediz Hook

I was waiting for a rainbow on Ediz Hook tonight but I apparently had just missed it. The sun went behind the clouds right when i turned onto the hook. Still got some good shots of Port Angeles though!

Hurricane Ridge Road

Drove up to the Heart of the Hills Entrance Station today to see if there were any scenic views on the drive. The entrance is about 6 miles from my apartment up the mountains. I didn’t have my tripod with me so not such great pics, but i can already tell its going to be…

Right outside city limits

Right when you leave Port Angeles city limits traveling west there’s a small pull over to the right of Hwy 101 just before you get to the first Olympic National Park entrance. This scenic view spot is pretty amazing, I stop at it every-single-time I leave town.  

Port Angeles Rainbows

This town and the rainbows the weather produces :D:D:D I have so many photos of rainbows, unfortunately they are mostly in Iphone form =P

Exploring Salt Creek

Went for a walk across the rocks last week at Salt Creek Recreation Area. Not very exciting pics, but i had fun exploring atleast. I really have to figure out what time I can go to see the tide pools before i go out there again!