Hoh Rainforest

When i visited the Hoh Rainforest on my birthday this year it poured the whole time. and i mean POURED. I got one good shot from the day.. the rest of my pics look like that last one i posted 😀

Victoria Canada from Hurricane Ridge

I was up Hurricane Ridge Road on 04-01-2014 and it was a nice sunny clear day. clear enough to get a great view of Victoria Canada across the way.  My 300 zoom lens isnt that great, i need to invest into a better one soon!

Sol Duc Falls

Tom and I walked out to Sol Duc Falls for my birthday hike this year in april. It was a magical place!

Port Angeles Sunset 04-30-2014

It occurred to me this week that i haven’t updated my blog in quite awhile! So here is a Port Angeles, Washington waterfront sunset on 04-30-2014