I am absolutely horrible at updating posts on time

I take the photos yes, but i feel i need an assistant to actually make blog posts. One day I will find more time to get devoted to this!!!!!

I will say though in the last month, we’ve had a hard drive crash, had to buy a new hard-drive, than realized we didn’t have any of the XP cds with codes on them, so i had to go buy Windows 8.1.. Then my Iphone 4s decided to overheat one day and crack open. not too happy about that, I was told later the battery got overheated and swelled up and cracked the phone open. So had to buy a new phone..

So I did in fact lose a few months of photos with the hard drive crash, and currently all the other photos i havent posted yet are on a mix of two externals and countless dvds and cds. I will organize them soon!

Oh so ya, I woke up to an eclipse today! Wasnt prepared, but finally got a shot off through the cloud cover!



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