Cape Flattery

Man, what a drive that was from Port Angeles! It might have been better with company, maybe not 🙂 I headed out last week to the ends of the earth – Washington style; basically the most northwestern point in the lower United States. It was cloudy, raining and foggy the entire drive/hike out to the…

Just drive up for snow

This has been the best winter of my life in regards to weather…minus those years I lived in Florida of course! Port Angeles has given us such a mild winter, especially compared to the brutal winters on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. I haven’t seen it snow yet, I suppose we live too…

Why Port Angeles, Why?

Seriously. How is it possible that when walking to the gas station next to my apartment… that is literally not that far away..the sidewalk is out in two spots?! What is going on Port Angeles? Someone please explain to me why this is normal or acceptable?

Lake Crescent Rain

I was excited to show Tom what Lake Crescent looked like today. When we started leaving the city limits it started raining. This is pretty much all he saw lol. We will have to try again another day.

Francis Street Park – Port Angeles

Tom and I went to check out the sunset from a place near our home called Francis Street Park. What a delightful gem! Such a perfect place for a Saturday picnic with a relaxing view of the Strait. I will definitely be spending more time here in the future.

Salt Creek Recreation Area

I drove to Salt Creek tonight thinking i was going to get photos of pool tides. That might have to wait. Turns out I cannot carry a huge flashlight, a heavy tri-pod, and a camera while climbing over rocks lol I mean a simple back pack probably would have helped, but after seeing ice on…

Madison Falls – Olympic National Park

Tonight I rode down to Madison Falls in Olympic National Park to get pics of it a bit frozen. Maybe one of these days I’ll brave it in the snow too 🙂

Favorite Sunsets.

I’ve seen some great sunsets in my lifetime so far. Usually because i set myself up to see them. I used to actually chase sunsets when I lived in Indiana and Florida. When i lived in the Grand Canyon it was a bit harder to jump in your vehicle and race toward the sunset due…

Forks Washington Home for Sale

I traveled to Forks Washington the day before Thanksgiving this year and took photographs for a real estate firm out of Seattle for their listing. Gorgeous house, I hope I did it some justice.

Lake Crescent Rainbow

This morning I had a photography job in Forks, Washington. As I was traveling from Port Angeles to Forks I witnessed the most beautiful drive to date. This was the first time I’ve been this far west since we’ve lived here and I finally got to drive past Lake Crescent. If it hadn’t been for…