Bike United Kingdom Tee Shirt

Well, I figured since its winter and really really cold outside, I’m going to work on my bicycle tee shirts again. The newest one, which just literally took me 4 hours is for the United Kingdom. I was going to make separate countries, but for the UK countries the outline looks better as a whole….

My camera shall have a burial

Well, after 5 years of using the inexpensive but impressive Nikon Coolpix 8800 it has found a resting place. With the apparently normal “System Error 2” problem, i refuse to use a camera i have to power down after each and every shot.  I bought the camera September 3rd, 2005 from Ebay no less. I…

i miss autumn in the midwest

Buy this picture at in the Autumn Gallery   the leaves are so much more vibrant than in the desert 🙂