Light up Louisville

So I decided not to get in the middle of the crowds this year, and I thought I would get a unique skyline shot of downtown with the so called fireworks display going off in the center of town. I will know better next year. The fireworks display was probably fantastic from the center of…

Norton Commons

So also while out taking Emporis pictures the other day I came across Norton Commons. Wow what can I say, love the idea. In my head if i ever had a lot of money and land this is what I would do with it..except i pictured it somewhere out west, but this will do. My…

More Gallopalooza Horses!

While taking pictures for the other day i ran across a couple of Gallopalooza horses along the way, and honestly one of them was the best horse by far that I’ve seen……

Bridges, Smith & Co.

Bridges, Smith & Co. “The Paint People” Since 1875 118 E Main St Louisville, KY 40202 (502) 584-4173

Bearno’s Pizza

By-The-Bridge Downtown Bearno’s 131 W Main St Louisville, KY 40202