Lake Crescent Rainbow

This morning I had a photography job in Forks, Washington. As I was traveling from Port Angeles to Forks I witnessed the most beautiful drive to date. This was the first time I’ve been this far west since we’ve lived here and I finally got to drive past Lake Crescent. If it hadn’t been for…

Sunsets from Ediz Hook

Driving out to Ediz Hook gives a pretty awesome view of the Olympic Mountain Range and the City of Port Angeles.  Not the greatest sunset panoramic but it was a pretty night for sure!  

Spectacular Port Angeles Sunset!

I walked out onto my balcony tonight at 5:55pm and caught the tail end of a spectacular sunset! I should really start setting up in different locations for sunsets 🙂

Elwha River

After leaving Madison Falls we took the road out til the closure and I got a pretty good shot of Elwha River.  

Madison Falls – Olympic National Park

Tom and I drove out to Madison Falls the other day when the park was free to get in to. It was the first time we had entered Olympic National Park, as we are still very poor since the move up here. Madison Falls was GORGEOUS and I was overly excited to be inside the…