Grand Canyon Snowy Sunset on Christmas Eve 2012

This morning we got about 4 inches of snow dumped on us in an hour or so that blanketed the Grand Canyon with snowy goodness on Christmas Eve. Tonight at sunset it was still snowing on the north rim making for a gorgeous evening.  

The Grand Canyon always looks different

I walk past the Grand Canyon everyday thinking that it looks the same, its a big hole in the ground, nothing new. Sometimes it surprises me though when I least expect it of course and renews my energy for living here in the middle of nowhere 🙂 One day last week, I stepped out to…

A “White-out” Snow in the Grand Canyon

When it snows or rains in the Grand Canyon, we sometimes have white-out conditions. People visiting don’t understand why they’ve just traveled half way around the world to see it and it’s not there. During certain weather seasons, you should really try to schedule more time than 3 hours to visit from a tour bus….