Balloon Glow

ok.. I’ve sincerely decided to not frequent balloon glows anymore. As a photographer it is not an easy thing. I have been to many many many many balloon glows and their is 95% of the time 10mph+ winds on the ground…..

Ike blows down Kentuckiana

Surprisingly my house stayed vertical, others–no such luck. My trusty camera and I headed out after the storm to survey the damage. Boy was there damage. I didnt expect the wind to destroy the county but it was shockingly stronger than I thought….

Baxter Ave. Train Station

These photographs are available for purchase on I finally built up the courage to go check out the Baxter Ave. Train Station this morning by myself. I kept on trying to make plans for people to go with me but none of them worked out. This morning I left the house to get sunrise…

St.Louis Cemetery

I wandered into St.Louis Cemetery the other day off of Baxter Avenue. I was in the area taking pictures of foreclosures and decided to stop in. I love cemeteries, and this one is lovely.

Muhammad Ali Center

The Muhammad Ali Center is a destination site and international educational and cultural center that is inspired by the ideals of its founder Muhammad Ali….. The Ali Center features 2 levels of captivating exhibits and multi-media presentations, a five-screen orientation theater film, historic Civil Rights era media footage, video-on-demand of Ali’s fights, interactive boxing fun,…