Roadtrip 2007 Utah

05-23-07 Roadtrip - Utah

More pics after the jump…

After leaving Glen Canyon Dam we headed up Us-89 towards Bryce Canyon…. 153 mile trip lasting around 3 hours. The drive was exceptional. Entering Utah it decided to stop raining and we all saw terrain we were not used to and had never seen before. Ricardo was driving and pretty much refused to stop every 5 minutes like i wanted for me to get shots so all my pictures were taken from the passenger seat of the vehicle. Southern Utah completely and utterly reminded me of Flintstones Bed Rock. On the way actually we came across a Bed Rock ice cream place. We didn’t stop but looked adorable.

At 1:30 p.m. we rolled into a town called Kanab, Utah. Fantastic town we only stopped in for gasoline but i found a wealth of information about it after leaving. We did get historical information though from this little gallery we popped into while we were there. Good Stuff. Apparently Kanab is considered to be Little Hollywood of the west.

“Movie making was a large part of this area’s history from the 1930’s-1990’s, when 300 movies and TV shows were filmed here. To sate visiting movie buffs, you might consider a tour of the old movie sets dotting the area. While some are in disrepair, others have been rebuilt and are well-maintained.”

So basically most of the westerns you saw were shot in the Kanab area.


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